What to wear in your Eventing Trot Up

As the International Eventing season is fast approaching, and people begin to gain their essential qualifiers, it is due time to start looking at Trot Up outfits! 

We all know the Trot Up can be incredibly nerve-wracking at the best of times, so to have to add looking 'fashionable' to that mix is enough to make anyone's head explode! Never fear, we have our tried and tested top tips to make you 'runway ready'.

Top Tips

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Plan your outfit in advance: They don't have to be overly elaborate to look great, but packing the 'odds' from your wardrobe and making your outfit up on the morning is a sure-fire way to make yourself stressed! 

Be creative, but be smart: We are all about being creative and expressing your style. But, remember you do have to run, so a tight skirt and ten-inch heels may not be the go-to in this situation. Also, remember, your outfit will be viewed by younger and older viewers and ground jury members. You will treasure the photos for a long while, so make it count! 

Plan to the season: If you live in an area that can have 4 seasons in one day, think about having an outfit you can layer up with a nice jacket and tall boots, or layer down with a hat and short boots. 

Wear closed-toe shoes and avoid heels: We have all seen that person have their dreaded heel fly off in the Badminton Trot Up livestream, or someone break a heel, or someone have their toes stood on mid-jog. You will have to run so try to avoid shoes that will hinder you. If you feel like you really need a heel, wedge types are a great option! Be sure to run in your shoes before the event!

Decide whether you're going for best dressed: Most events will have a considerable prize for best dressed at Trot Up's. If it's your first one, you may want to play it safe and go for an outfit you feel comfortable in. If you are gunning for that elusive 'best dressed' prize, be bold, and add prints/furs/colours. It's not a science, and sometimes the safe outfit's will win, but be brave!

Do your research: Ahh, the power of social media! You are one of the lucky ones living in the era we do and can go to Instagram, search the hashtag of the event you want to attend, and have a little look at the year before's outfits. Sometimes there is this unknown 'dress code' for each event. We are all for breaking the norm, but if you want to have a little more direction, a little search will give you an idea! 

Plan for the second Trot Up: It may seem like a lifetime away, you may be superstitious and not want to 'jinx' yourself, but do plan ahead. As a general rule of thumb, unless you're at a big 5*, the second trot-up is much more centred on the horse's recovery. Generally, you have a little bit of leeway. A nice top, jeans and appropriate shoes, with tamed hair often suffice. The likelihood is, you will be so exhausted by the last day you won't feel like dressing up anymore! 

To wear a helmet, or not: Technically, there is no rule in Eventing Trot Up's yet that dictates you MUST wear one. However, we are ever so slowly beginning to see a trend of helmet's being worn. You know your horse best, and if you think they will be a little wild, it is best to wear one. No one will judge you for being safe, and we will most likely see them become compulsory for evryone or up to a certain age in the coming years. 


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