Amy Gotts-Wheeler

My name is Amy Gotts – Wheeler, and I am a 16-year-old Junior Equestrian from Gippsland, Victoria.

I currently event at CCI2* on my young, home bred warmblood, 'Sharvalley Thunder' who is a very talented rising 7yo making his way up through the levels with huge international potential. As well as having Thunder, I also have numerous young horses coming up through the ranks. One day I would love to represent Australia overseas and take a horse all the way with my own training. 

My favourite Lumiere product would have to be the 'Anka' Breastplate. I am in love with the shoulder freedom this breastplate has and how it fits my horses. Be sure to follow my journey with Lumiere Equestrian and my horses at @amyw_eventing on Instagram. 

Amber Mactaggart

My name is Amber Mactaggart and I am 19 years old from Melbourne, Australia.

I am an Eventer currently competing at 1* level with my very first OTTB, Eli. I rescued Eli as a 4yo and have since trained him through the levels. We are aiming for 2* in the next few months and would also eventually love to reach MI3DE with him in the next year or two. 

My favourite Lumiere product, although a very hard choice, would have to be the 'Aria' Anatomic Bridle.

Not only are the rose gold fittings gorgeous, but the premium Italian leather truly makes this this bridle second to none. It looks incredibly elegant and the affordability is unbeatable for bridles of this quality. 

You can follow my journey with Lumiere and horses at @ambermeventing on instagram.

Bianca Lyne

Hi, my name is Bianca Lyne and I am a 16 year old eventer from Victoria, Australia.

I've been riding for most of my life, but only started competing up to grade 1 eventing in the last couple of years. My current horses' name is Monkey and she is a 17hh, 5 year old OTTB. Together we have started competing at 80cm, but we are almost ready to move up to 95cm. Monkey is the sweetest horse, she has such a friendly and playful personality. I am so excited to get to know her more. My goal with her is to move through the levels of eventing. 

You can follow our journey through my Instagram: @biancaleventing

I am so excited and grateful to be apart of the Lumiere team. 

My favourite Lumiere product would have to be the 'Amie' rolled leather bridle, it's such a beautiful bridle with plenty of bling. It has such a stunning patent noseband, with gorgeous Italian rolled leather.



Christy Baker


My name is Christy Baker, and I am a 21-year-old Equestrian based in South East Queensland.

Currently, I am the stable manager 

at a boutique Showing and Agistment property, while also campaigning and re-training some of my own very promising young OTTB's. I am looking forward to taking them out eventing this season, while also dabbling in some showing , showjumping and dressage. Hopefully, I will be able to travel these promising horses interstate by the end of the season to compete.

While its hard to choose just one Lumiere product that I like the most, my personal favourite would have to be the Azure Anatomic bridle. Not only do my horse's feel fantastic in the anatomic fit, the simple bridle & browband colouring compliments all colours of horse! 

Be sure to view my Instagram at: 

 @christybakerequestrian, and for my photography @photosby_christy

Elizabeth Rose


Elizabeth is an eventer from Perth, Western Australia. 
For the 2020 season, Elizabeth will be riding a young 6 year old thoroughbred named Enzo. 
Her favourite discipline is cross-country, as nothing compares to the adrenaline rush as you and your horse enter the starting box before galloping around the course. Elizabeth aims to introduce Enzo to eventing this year and is determined to move up the grades with him.

By far, her favourite Lumiere product is the Adeline bridle for its timeless and elegant style.

To keep up to date with Elizabeth, you can follow her on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube @elirose.equestrian.

Phoebe Shannon


My name is Phoebe Shannon & I’m a 19yo showjumping rider from the beautiful Gold Coast in QLD Australia.

My main horse  ‘Wreck it Ralph’ is a 9yo coloured warmblood gelding who has competed around 130cm, & we have pretty high hopes for our future together moving up the heights! I’m also incredibly passionate about my young horses and I find educating them extremely rewarding, especially my purpose bred 4yo filly ‘Finch Farm Dulux’. I have a huge soft spot for coloured horses!

My favourite Lumiere product would have to be the ‘Anka’ breastplate in black! I love the small details, it is an incredibly elegant breastplate.

You can follow Phoebe on her instagram: showjumpingbays



Eliza Harvey 

My name is Eliza Harvey, and I am an FEI Australian International Eventing YR and Student Athlete at Hartpury University in the UK.

Currently, I am studying Equestrian Sports Science (BSc), and hopefully I will move on to complete my Masters Degree in the coming years. While completing my studies, I look forward to competing at some of Europe's best events, and am very eager to grow my team of horses. 

I too am struggling to pick only one favourite Lumiere product, although being the owner of a grey, I really cant go past the 'Aria' Anatomic Bridle- rose gold is so stunning!

Be sure to follow my socials @Eliza_HarveyEquestrian, and check out my blog here on the Lumiere website! 


Alyssa Cleland 

Alyssa is a 22-year-old Grade V Para Dressage rider, based in Dallas, Texas.

She was born with a rare condition & had her leg amputated as a child, as a result, she has been wearing a prosthetic ever since. 

Her primary horse is a 21 yr. old Friesian named Tjitte, although she is currently looking for a lease horse to call her own. Alyssa is incredibly active on instagram, youtube & her podcast (@alcequine), & hopes to share her life as an amputee to show that people with disabilities can lead normal, fulfilling lives too. 

Alyssa hopes to make it to the 2024 Paralympics & works hard everyday towards her goal, we are incredibly happy to be able to support Alyssa in her dream! 


Marina Belloli

My name is Marina Belloli, and I'm a 23 year old dressage rider from Brazil.

I have just recently graduated as a Physical Educator, and am now a Professional Rider, State Regional Dressage Judge and am also an FEI Coach. Dressage is my passion, and I currently have several horses and students in training. My team consists of some super young horses in the making, and my top horse who is competing at the beginnings of 3rd level. 

My goal is to someday compete at a Pan American games, and it's always good to dream about Olympics. Being a Brazilian rider, I wish to get to places most Brazilians don't, even if it means leaving my country in the future to continue to learn.

While that is happening, I'm also very determined to form as many great riders as I can on the way, that way I can leave behind people that will continue what I have started here. Mostly, my main goal is doing all of that without losing the love and respect with the horses while training, always putting them first.

Choosing my favourite Lumiere products is even harder than writing down my goals, but I would say I am very in love with my own Madeline double bridle, I can't stop looking at it! 

You can keep up to date with me at my Instagram, @ninabelloli