Long stud girth / 140cm / brown - brown sheepskin + leather padding

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SKU: L64702

Discontinued clearance girths! This is a long stud girth in brown, 140cm, that comes with a brown sheepskin attachment and a leather padding attachment. Use the leather attachment at home and the cream genuine sheepskin attachment at shows, or however you choose.

Why is our long stud girth a leading design?

The Lumiere long stud girth has been meticulously designed to keep the saddle and ride stable, while allowing maximum movement and protection for the horse.

Our anatomic girths have been very carefully designed to allow elbow clearance, arcing back behind the sensitive tissue of the elbow area and preventing bunching, and rubbing. The crescent shaped girth distributes pressure over the breast bone, and provides the correct girth angle to keep the saddle away from the shoulders, fitting within the horse’s natural groove.
  • Leading anatomic design that avoids pressure points and sensitive tissue, allowing greater and more comfortable movement
  • Girth comes with a leather "shell" and two attachments; a leather padding attachment & a brown sheepskin attachment. The sheepskin is genuine Australian sheepskin.
  • Contrasting cream stitching
  • Padded to provide a comfortable fit
  • Handcrafted from premium leather
  • Features quality stainless steel fittings

The inserts attach with velcro, allowing for easy washing. 

This is a discontinued item and not eligible to return or exchange. 


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