Grooming Box Essentials

We have put together a list of our must-haves for your grooming box, so you are never stuck without or having to borrow any piece of equipment at a competition again! 

- First and foremost, if you have the space and don't mind a bulkier grooming box- check out the 'fat max' toolbox. They last forever, and have so many compartments for everything you may need!

Plaiting Supplies

-Needles (the big plastic ones from spotlight will change the way you plait forever)


- Bands (clear and coloured)

- Mane and tail plaiting spray

- Clips to hold the main back

- Combs

- Scissors small and large

- Hairspray

- Wool (this will also change the way you plait forever if you have a horse with thicker mane!)


Body brush

- Curry comb

- Grooming mitt for shine

- Dandy brush

- Mane comb

- Hoof pick (have two, these manage to go walk-about often!)

- Water brush. 

Washing supplies

- Sponges (at least 3, one for the face, one for the hind and one for the body, they can be cut small)

- x2 sweat scrapers

- Small microfibre towels to save room

- Shampoo and conditioner.

Hoof Oil and Brush 

Be sure to double-check the rules, as some FEI disciplines don't allow black hoof oil during trot ups! 

Hole Punch

This is one of the most under-rated, yet most-used item you can have in your tack box. It will always manage to be used by someone, so take up a little extra space and make sure you have it!

Spare bridle numbers

You probably won't have all of your numbers in your grooming box, but spares go a long way!

Spare Drop Noseband 

We can't be the only people who misplace these all of the time? 

Notepad and pen

For any time changes or notes to your grooms.

Equine Make Up 

Make sure you have a supply of your favourite equine makeup if needed, clear makeup goes a long way, as does white cover cream for the grey horse owners!

Fly Spray 

You never know when they will come out!

Show Shine


It's always good to have one in your grooming box, as well as in your first aid kit. 

Paw-Paw Cream

Great to have on hand for the corner of your horse's mouth.

Small Tail Bandage

Useful to wrap the top of the tail after braiding, or if clipped to help it sit down. 

What else would you add? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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