At only 16years of age, Eventer Amy Gotts-Wheeler has well and truly solidified herself a place amongst some of Australia's most exciting up & coming junior riders- along with building herself a strong social media empire on instagram.
At only 13 years old Amy stormed onto the FEI Eventing circuit in Victoria, Australia, accumulating much success. Even more incredibly, she did so on a horse she had produced herself. Since then, Amy has competed Australia wide, and because she's a star, she has produced yet another young horse to FEI level.
Her already storied career is one that many rider's of all ages aspire to achieve, so I just had to find out all the 'how's' in an exclusive interview with Amy.
Buckle up, she is certainly one very humble and hard-working rider!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been riding since I could walk- I've grown up with horses really!

My mum has always been into them, and my dad is an ex-jockey. We own a property called Sharvalley Estate, where we train a variety of horses; from racehorses, breaking in young ones, pre-training, starting young performance horses and also agistment. It is a fantastic place, always busy with people coming & going, and I have also had the opportunity to ride a lot of young horses growing up.  


Can you tell us an interesting fact that not many people would know about you?

I'm actually lactose intolerant. It sucks! 

What are your future riding goals?

I'd love to represent Australia in Eventing. It would also be great to travel overseas and learn from top riders, that would be amazing!

You awe-inspiringly started competing FEI at only 13 years of age, what are your top tips for young riders hoping to follow in your direction?

My best advice is to try and ride as many horses as you can, and don't be afraid to learn from a variety of coaches.

Do as many clinics as possible, go to pony club, listen to their ideas. Do your research as well- watch masterclasses, live streams and just absorb as much information as possible from different riders and coaches. 

Follow your dreams!

A must-have training tool or exercise in your weekly routine?

I am a big believer that a horse can’t be worked 6-7 days a week in the arena.

I take my horses out twice a week to the State Forest or just a paddock, and hack them or do fitness work. I incorporate my dressage movements into the hack as well.

It is important they have variety in their routine.

 How do you manage year 11 and 12 classes, while riding at FEI? What does a typical day look like to you?

Organisation is key.

I have a weekly planner that shows me what I am doing every day and keeps me in check. At the end of the day, school is the priority at this stage, so it is important I balance it all.

A typical day looks like:

6.00 am- Wake up and ride 1 horse

7.30 am- Get ready for school

8.10 am- Catch the bus

8.50 am- Arrive at school

3.30 pm- Leave school

4.30 pm- Arrive home

5.00 pm- Ride another horse, get them organised for the night

7.00 pm- Back in the house & completing homework until 9 pm

9.00 pm- Relax time

10.00 pm- Sleep

Best result/memory with your horses?

Definitely winning the 2019 Australian Interschool Nationals on Sharvalley Thunder. It's such an achievement that we bred and trained him from a baby, and for him to win amongst some of the best horses in the country makes me so proud.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

It would have to be from my mum, and that is to be patient.

You can learn something from every single horse, but you have to be patient. I definitely had to take this on board over the past 2 years and it was difficult, but I had to take it slow. Every horse is different!

 What is the most difficult lesson riding has taught you?

As above, patience!

Horses can be heartbreaking, especially young ones. One minute everything is going great, then at one competition, it falls apart. At the end of the day, it always figures itself out and you just need to take your time.

Having a large social media following undoubtedly comes with added pressure and the occasional negative comments, how do you cope?

Yes- I take lots of breaks when I need them. I don't focus my riding around my posts, I just enjoy having fun with my friends.

I love being able to be a role model for junior riders, it is very special, but I have never based any of my riding goals around my following. 

In regards to the 'hate'- I may get the occasional negative comment, but I also get so many positive messages. I just have to remind myself that so many people love watching what I do, which is very special to me, so the negative comment's really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

If you had to do another discipline, what would it be?

Showjumping- 100% I love how fast it is! I’m an adrenaline junkie.

If you could compete at any competition worldwide, what would it be?

Definitely Badminton. All of my inspirations have ridden there, and I have always watched it. I live-stream it every year... I want to be there just for the atmosphere!

Who inspires you the most? 

Definitely Mark Todd and Ingrid Klimke

I watched Mark as I grew up, mum would always show me DVD's of him riding and I just can't get over the way he makes everything look so easy. He is there at these big competitions on some of the youngest horses in the field, and just make's it look effortless.

Now Ingrid, she's just amazing! She can go from winning one discipline to cantering down the centreline and winning a Grand Prix dressage! It is just phenomenal the way she is across the board with all the disciplines, I would love to be able to do that. She's a woman as well, which is incredibly inspiring! 

What words do you live by?

My go-to:

Suck it up, princess!


Every horse teaches you something.


Favourite Lumiere product?

 It would have to be the Anka breastplate for its shoulder freedom and the anatomical appearance. You just can't go past it!


Amy would like to thank her fantastic sponsors for their continued support:  Lumiere, Equine Eye, Lynbrae Showrange, Castlefin Equestrian and Tribe Equestrian.






Your obviously improving every year and hopefully in the future years all your dreams come true.

John Burns April 14, 2020

Your obviously improving every year and hopefully in the future years all your dreams come true.

John Burns April 28, 2020

The thing I love the most about this is that it is all true!! I have watched Amy as I have grown up both on insta and at a clinics and shows as we live close by. I know that she has gone through struggles but she is always looking on the positive side! I love what she has said in this and will try to take as much on board as I can!

Jade March 27, 2020

Amy what a woman ! I have watched you grow from a small girl into an accomplished rider! You are an inspiration to watch and your style looks effortless ! Keep doing what you do best Amy ❤️🐎❤️🐴

Anne Barfoot March 27, 2020

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