Stirrup leathers - jumping stability (Short 115cm)


SKU: L18101

Color: Black

Stability leathers are designed to keep your leg secure while jumping, with a wider leather panel. These are a shorter version of these popular leathers (10cm shorter than standard).

Jumpers attest that this style of stirrup makes a distinct difference in the stability of the lower leg, and the Lumiere style is no exception.

Our stability leathers are made from supple Italian leather and feature a quality stainless steel buckle. They are handstitched and made for strength and safety, while being butter soft against your previous saddle flaps.

115cm in length - Shortest hole: 75cm, Longest hole: 110cm

Indicative height guide: Suitable for riders 150cm - 170cm

(Please note this measurement guide is only an example, an accurate guide is very difficult to generate as human leg length does not necessarily relate to height and individual preference of stirrup length also varies).


Note: These stirrup leathers have not been weight tested. 

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