‘Vida' 3-Point Bridge Breastplate

¥10,732 ¥24,156

SKU: L8907

Color: Black
This is a discontinued item and not eligible to return or exchange. 
The Vida features a broad gel-padded chest plate that moulds to your horse's shape, creating stability for your saddle and comfort for the horse. It can be worn with, or without, the strap from the horse's chest through to the girth. This strap is detachable.
The Vida features double-reinforced elastic in black with very thin red and white pinstripe detail and stainless steel fittings. Comes with a detachable martingale, with the chest-to-girth strap also able to be removed making it a super simple and adjustable style.

  • Super supple black eco-friendly leather
  • Gel-padding for the ultimate fit
  • Black double-reinforced elastic with thin white and red pinstripe
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Detachable martingale
  • Detachable chest-to-girth strap
Available in sizes cob, full and warmblood.

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