Fitting your Anatomic (micklem) style bridle

Anatomic (micklem styles) bridles

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Anatomic (micklem style) bridles are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more riders seeing the benefits to their horses when they use them.  If you're thinking about purchasing an anatomic styled bridle, view our range here.

Action: The anatomic styles are designed to avoid the horse's key sensitive nerves, and sit above the fragile nostril bones. The specific positioning of the noseband, means the protruding molars are not touched, avoiding damage to the sensitive tissue. 



Bit Straps: Ensure the bit straps are fitted first. There are two size lengths with each anatomic style bridle. The buckle should be facing outwards, with the strap facing upwards and connecting to the bit loop on the end of the cheek pieces.

The noseband: The correct fitting of the noseband is particularly important, and it should sit 2-3 inches above the horse's mouth. You can run your hands along the nose to identify where the fragile nasal bone begins, the noseband should be above this point. 

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The noseband should sit above the fragile nasal bone.

The top back strap: The top back strap under the jaw should sit on the cheekbones at approximately 45 degrees to the cheekpiece, and fit flush against the skin, not lose like a throat latch. 

The bottom strap: The bottom strap should sit like a drop noseband, under the bit and flush with the skin. The drop noseband should not be overtightened. 

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