Lumiere pieces are hand-crafted from top quality leather, and should last you for years to come. To ensure this is the case, here are some tips on care.

  • Keep your leather dry and clean. If you live in a humid climate, a small packet of charcoal attached to your leather will help to absorb excess moisture and also avoid the rusting of buckles. Never leave leather in direct sunlight unnecessarily as it will dry the leather.

  • Use good quality leather cleaning products and conditioners. Quality matters when it comes to leather products. Never use household cleaning products that can contain harsh chemicals.

  • Take your bridle completely apart for a thorough clean, ideally once a month.

  • While oiling is important, be careful not to over hydrate your products as leather that is too moist can stretch.

  • Be cautious of over oiling or conditioning reins as they can become slippery.

  • Buff patent leather after cleaning to ensure it retains a high-shine and looks show ring ready.