With so many nosebands on the market, finding the right one to suit your horse can often feel like a massive job. Changing nosebands can help to improve horses comfort and happiness, and with our large range featuring supple gel-padded Italian leather, there are many options to choose from. 

First, it is important to make sure there are no pre-existing dental/riding/exercise issues before changing nosebands. Nosebands must also not be done up too tight, as they can potentially restrict the horse's airways. The 'two-finger width' rule is a good guide. As another general rule of thumb, nosebands that do up below the bit should only be used in conjunction with a snaffle. In industry however, grackles, drop-nosebands and the flash are often used with pelhams and other bits with shanks. 

It is important to check your national and the FEI guidelines to ensure the type of noseband you purchase is legal for your discipline. 

Cavesson Nosebands

The cavesson is the most simple noseband, and can be used for most disciplines and events. The cavesson is also the main noseband used with a double bridle in higher-level dressage. 

Action: There is very little effect of the cavesson on the horse when fitted correctly.

Fitting: The cavesson should sit two finger widths below the horse's protruding cheekbone. The 'two-finger width' rule should be used when considering how tight to do up your cavesson.

'Aurelie' Italian leather bridle (cavesson) - black - Lumiere Equestrian

'AURELIE': Cavesson Italian Leather Bridle

'Madeline' Italian leather double bridle - Lumiere Equestrian

'MADELINE': Italian Leather Double Bridle 

Hanoverian Nosebands

The hanoverian noseband utilises the body of a cavesson, with a flash strap attached that does up under the horse's chin.

In our collection, we feature hanoverian bridle's with permanent attachment loops,  and detachable attachment loops, so you can alternate between hanoverian and cavesson. 

Action: The flash strap aids to keep the horse's mouth closed, avoiding potential resistance. It also aids to keep jointed bits in the centre of the mouth.

Fitting: Fit the cavesson noseband as above. Ensure the flash strap has a two-finger width the whole way round.  

'Aurelie' Italian leather bridle (hanoverian) - black - Lumiere Equestrian

AURELIE: Italian Hanoverian Leather Bridle

'Anastasia' Italian leather bridle (convertible) - brown - Lumiere Equestrian

'Anastasia': Convertible Italian Leather Bridle

Grackle Nosebands

Grackle nosebands, or the 'figure 8', is an incredibly popular noseband amongst event riders and showjumpers. 

Action: Aids to keep the horse's mouth shut and prevents crossing of the jaw, while also increasing comfort by avoiding the nostrils. The main pressure point of the grackle noseband is the crossover point at the front.

Fitting: The cheek rings of the grackle should sit high on the horse's cheekbones, with the crossover point being at the front and centre of their nose. There should be a finger width the whole way round, both top and bottom. 

'Ava' Italian leather grackle bridle - black & brown - Lumiere Equestrian

'Ava': Italian Leather Grackle Bridle

Anatomic Nosebands

Anatomic bridles are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more riders seeing the benefits to their horses when they use them.

Action: The anatomic styles are designed to avoid the horse's key sensitive nerves, and sit above the fragile nostril bones. The specific positioning of the noseband, means the protruding molars are not touched, avoiding damage to the sensitive tissue. 

Fitting: The correct fitting of the noseband is particularly important, and it should sit 2-3 inches above the horse's mouth. You can run your hands along the nose to identify where the fragile nasal bone begins, the noseband should be above this point. 

Horse Nosebleeds: Causes and Treatments | PetHelpful

The noseband should sit above the fragile nasal bone.

The lower strap under the jaw should sit on the cheekbones at approximately 45 degrees to the cheekpiece, and fits flush against the skin, not lose like a throat latch. Both straps should allow for some movement, and not be overtightened. 

'Azure' Anatomic Italian leather bridle - black - Lumiere Equestrian

'Azure': Italian Leather Anatomic Bridle

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