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Equine Eye are a global leader in Equine Surveillance and have two camera products available to improve the safety and wellbeing of your horse. Equestrian tech is improving the way we care for our horses, and perform, and those who have used an Equine Eye camera wonder how they ever cared for horses without one.

The Global Equine Eye 4G camera is the latest release and is a completely portable camera which can be used anywhere your horse goes – from paddock to stable to trailer and everywhere in between. If you stay overnight at a horse show it can come too – monitoring your horse every moment and live streaming video to your phone.

The Equine Eye 4G camera has motion detection recording so can be used for security and monitoring, alerting you when your horse (or a person) is in view and automatically recording. This feature provides incredible peace of mind for those who have security concerns and is being well utilised by farmers not just on livestock, but also to monitor gates and farm machinery.

The camera features two-way audio, night vision and all the bells and whistles you would expect. Ans is also available in a bundle with a solar panel.

Sister camera Equine Eye on the Road is a nifty little wireless trailer camera. It installs into a trailer in seconds, with no needs for wiring as it is magnetic and creates a local area connection (LAN which is a bit like a hot spot) for your phone to connect to. This means the camera doesn’t use data and can be used in areas where there is no phone signal.

The Equine Eye trailer camera also has incredible night vison, two way audio, and you can even record video and photos and upload them straight from the app to social media.

Importantly, tech support for Equine Eye products is based in Australia rather than Asia or India. The friendly team are on hand to provide support to those who may need it.