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Whether you need a breastplate for saddle stability, to attach martingale rings, or just because you like the look, we have you covered.

In a recent poll we ran with our customers, 30% of people told us that while they wear a breastplate, it is for the purpose of attaching martingale rings to rather than because their saddle slips. If this is the reason you are using a breastplate, our running martingale is the perfect option being simplistic and sleek. It also features clip rings, which means you can open the ring and clip it onto your rein without needing to undo your reins and thread them through the rings. 

If you do need the stability of a breastplate, we have a range of three-point and five-point breastplates that will help in maintaining the integrity of your saddle and position. This is also really important for the comfort of your horse – not to mention the safety importance of a well-fitting breastplate.

It has become increasingly popular and fashionable to wear a dressage breastplate, and our Alicia dressage breastplate is a best seller. 

All of our jumping breastplates feature clips to attach straight on to stud girths, along with either gel-padding in the chest and either for comfort, or sheepskin padding.