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Micklem style bridles

There are many riders who swear by ‘micklem style’ bridles and report that their horses travel more kindly, softer in the mouth and more accepting of the bit in these styles.

Made famous by Horseware Ireland, these bridles are a unique design that is backed by research with straps positioned on the horse’s face to avoid sensitive nerve areas. Horses have a huge number of sensitive nerves and muscles on their face and ensuring that a bridle of any style fits correctly and isn’t applying pressure on these areas is critical.

Lumiere have a number of fashion-forward yet functional micklem style bridles available, such as the rose gold Aria which is a best seller. We also released a few of our micklem style bridles in a ‘euro’ variation which means that instead of a single micklem-style cheek strap and bit straps, the bridles have a standard headpiece and cheek straps and a micklem style noseband. These bridles are a hybrid between a traditional micklem style and a snaffle bridle. 

Any horse owner in doubt of whether their bridle fits, is encouraged to contact us. We will happily provide advice on the fit and placement of your bridle to ensure the comfort of your horse, which is paramount.