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Jumping bridles

The perfect leather jumping bridle can vary from horse to horse. From grackle or ‘Mexican’ noseband bridles for horses that may cross their jaw, to convertible nosebands for jumpers who like the option of switching between cavesson and Hanoverian nosebands, we have a large range of options.

While generally jumpers are less inclined to the glam styles of the dressage arena, there are no rules when it comes to the aesthetics of a jumping bridle and we are increasingly seeing sparkles on show jumping bridles.

Eventers who prefer a single, multi-use bridle tend to love styles like the ‘Melodie’ which is the perfect mix of being smart enough for the dressage arena while also being sturdy enough for cross-country. 

If you’re a one-bridle-per-horse person, you can also buy extra browbands to fit any Lumiere bridle, and switch a more dressage style browband onto your jumping bridle as needed. 

Our craftsman source luxury leathers that are known for softness and a quality that will stand the test of time.