'Antiqua' 5-Point Leather Breastplate

$147.42 $173.44

SKU: L1902

Color: Havana brown
The Antiqua is one of our best-selling breastplates. This supple and generously padded five-point leather breastplate has padding not just on the shoulders, but also on the chest (where it is needed most).  It also features gel-padding through the wither and shoulders, making it one of the most anatomical and comfortable breastplates on the market.

Breastplate Features:

  • Gel-padded wither and shoulder straps, along with strap between legs
  • Navy elastic with a white pinstripe
  • Australian sheepskin padding on the shoulders and chest
  • Quality stainless steel fittings
  • Highly adjustable across shoulders and between legs for the perfect fit
  • Supple eco-friendly leather in black or brown.
Available in sizes cob, full and warmblood.

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