'Aria' Anatomic Leather Bridle (Euro Version)


SKU: L22702

Color: Black
The "Aria” euro-version is an adaption this popular bridle, specifically for the USA and European market. 
This bridle is for the Rose Gold lovers! The 'Aria' black Italian leather bridle has a statement wow-factor. The rose gold details across the browband and fittings are spectacular and take our anatomic line of bridles to the next level.
The leather bridle has a gel-padded anatomic mono-crown headpiece that moulds comfortably over the horse’s poll. It is cut away from the ears and the sensitive nerves around the ear area.
The bridle is a butter soft black leather with rose gold detailing and fittings, such as the unique rose gold tips on the headpiece straps.
The quality of this bridle is second-to-none.
  • Premium black luxury leather
  • Rose gold deep curve crystal browband
  • Gel padded anatomic head piece
  • Stainless steel rose gold fittings
What’s the difference between the original Aria and the Euro-version? The euro-version features standard cheek straps from the headpiece rather than micklem-style bit straps that attach to the noseband.

Reins not included.

Please see our collection of reins here to select a pair that suits your preference.

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