Padded Nappa Leather Reins (Flat) - Black (Rose Gold Fittings)


SKU: L7801

Color: Black
Butter soft, padded nappa eco friendly leather reins in black, with rose gold fittings. Nappa leather is cow or calf skin leather renowned for its even grain and smooth feel. It is a quality of leather that is worth the investment.
Reins come with quality stainless steel  rose gold fittings and have a lot of ‘give’, creating a steady but forgiving connection with the horse’s mouth. A series of stylish bands along the leather are good markers for rein length - collected frame, to medium and loose rein.
These reins will add the air of quality to any bridle. 

  •  soft black nappa eco-friendly leather
  •  padded for softness and 'give'
  •  rose gold stainless steel fittings
  •  series of keepers along the rein
  •  quality stitching and craftsmanship. 

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