Equine Eye 'Universal' (stable / paddock / trailer) camera / solar bundle


SKU: L53401

Everything you need to view your horse anytime, from anywhere, with wireless connectivity and a solar power source. This bundle includes the Equine Eye at Home camera with the solar panel.

Designed to monitor your horse in a paddock, stable or trailer, the wireless “Equine Eye at Home” camera has been engineered for outdoor use where power and WIFI may not be available. From the custom app, you can see your horse live from anywhere at anytime. It’s about peace of mind and improved safety.

The camera has the ability to be powered via a long-lasting battery, or via a solar panel (included in this bundle). It can also be connected to a mains power source.

The camera easily screws on and off the mount, and can be repositioned around your property -  moving with your horse from paddock to paddock and/or stable, can also be used in a horse trailer, with the purchase of a magnetic mount, available here.

Equine Eye at Home requires a SIM card (not included), with a data-only prepaid SIM suitable for average use. It will work in any location where a 4G or 5G phone signal is available.

An advanced surveillance camera for your horse, it is packed with features: 

  • Wireless connectivity. The long-life battery lasts up to 35 days with average use. The camera can also be connected to mains power for continual charge, or connected to the solar panel.
  • See your horse from anywhere, anytime. Real time vision of your horse live streams to your mobile phone via our custom app.
  • Multi location. With additional mounts available, you can move the camera from paddock to paddock and even use within a horse trailer. Simply unscrew the camera from the mount & reposition it wherever your horse may be.
  • Weatherproof design. Intended for use outdoors.
  • Motion detection. Set up motion detection alerts and auto record movement with the recordings able to be accessed and played back later (with subscription to the Cloud).
  • Night vision. Monitor your horse day and night.
  • With two-way audio you can listen to what might be occurring in the paddock and stable, and talk to your horse if needed.
  • Cloud recording. You can store your camera recordings for up to 30 days by subscribing to the cloud storage service, if you choose to. Details can be found in the Cloud tab within the app.
  • Innovative app features. The bells and whistles include access to info such as battery levels, signal strength and data usage.

Watch the video here.

Once installed and connected, the solar panel will provide power to the Equine Eye at Home camera. Please note that the amount of power generated will depend on the amount of sunlight exposure. However, if positioned in direct sunlight, the solar panel is likely to provide independent power to your camera - removing the need to recharge the battery at a power source.

The camera is suitable for both IOS and Android phones, with the custom app available in both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Different versions are available per country due to network differences. The available regions available are;

  • Australia, New Zealand & Europe
  • USA & Canada 

Package contents:

  • Equine Eye at Home 4G camera
  • Solar panel
  • Mounting brackets
  • Charging cables
  • Installation tools
  • User manual

SIM card not included.

Installation and set up is easy. Please see our FAQ available here for further information.

If you require further support in setting up your camera, a phone pairing video available here, and tech support are happy to help if you raise a ticket.

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