Anatomic dressage girthAnatomic dressage girth
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Anatomic dressage girth

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Short stud girth - Lumiere EquestrianShort stud girth - Lumiere Equestrian
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Short stud girth

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Long stud girth - Lumiere EquestrianLong stud girth - Lumiere Equestrian
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Long stud girth

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Build your dream bridle, create the perfect fit bridle, or replace a part on an existing style with our bridle parts..

Not every horse has an 'off the shelf' face, and sometimes parts are needed separately to get a tailored fit that your horse deserves to be comfortable and perform at its best. Every horse deserves a bridle that fits properly without pressure points and pinching. All of our leather horse headpieces feature gel padding to mould over the horse's face creating a comfortable and cushioned fit for your horse.

Nosebands are very individual to each horse, and the right noseband can make a huge difference to how your horse accepts the bridle. Cavesson nosebands are a sleek option for horse's that go kindly in the bridle and are mandatory on double bridles. Hanoverian nosebands give extra stability for the bit and also assist with horse's that open their mouths. Grackle nosebands are useful for horse's that cross their jaw and the strap placement is also preferred for some sensitive horses.

Upgrading an existing bridle is as easy as adding a new browband or noseband, reviving a favourite bridle that you still love on your horse.