From selecting the perfect bit and bridle combination, to interviews with talented young riders, what do to if you get a flat tyre on your horse float, to saddlery fitting advice; welcome to our library of blog posts and articles!

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In The Loop

The latest:

  • Getting the perfect bridle & bit fit
  • Would you ever clone your horse?
  • Kerry Mack: floodwaters to the limelight
  • What my parents didn’t know when they bought me a pony

Young Rider Profiles                                          

The latest:

  • Amber McTaggart (AU)
  • Julia Selinger (EUR)
  • Amy Gotts-Wheeler (AU)

Top tips

The latest:

  • What bridle should I choose?
  • What to do if you get a flat tyre on your float?
  • Different types of reins and why
  • Equine photography & style 101
  • Angle loads vs straight loads
  • Tips for horses that are difficult to load
  • Travelling attire for horses
  • Equine first aid kit essentials
  • Grooming box essentials
  • Stud kit essentials
  • Ring bag essentials
  • Straw vs shavings
  • What to wear in an eventing trot up
  • Cross country cool down essentials
  • Float essentials


The latest:

  • Fitting your anatomic (micklem style) bridle
  • How to: noseband guide